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on selawat ke atas Junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad

Balik dari sekolah on Monday, Lydia told us that there were a lot of wild monkeys near the daycare centre. The nite before, memang ada keluar kat news, under segment 'Aduan Rakyat', yang lately banyak sangat monyet2 liar berkeliaran kat area2 Sementa, Klang. Apparently those monkeys demanded more than bananas. Monyet2 ni berani bertindak sampai memasuki rumah penduduk, and they were not scared of people since diorang lebih ramai.

I was quite worried. So was Lydia. So dia bagitau pasal tu, dia kata semua orang dok je dalam rumah and just watched the monkeys from far. then she continued,

"Lydia diam je masa tgk monyet2 tu. dalam hati, Lydia baca selawat.."

"kenapa?" aku tanya balik

"sebab Lydia takut, teringat dalam tv. pastu, lydia baca la selawat, mak kan kata, bila kita takut, baca je selawat banyak2.."

uummm.. yup I did told her that. I told her when i was small, our house was hit by twister (i hv an entry about this), since then i was afraid ev…

Friday for the ladies :-)


Everything happens for a reason :-)

It has been ages since I blogged about my rebanamaya friends. It’s because the last time I met few of them was somewhere end of last year. It was when we watched Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah at KLCC and ended I lost my iphone. (My mistake though, and everything happened for a reason, I believe, which is true, as now am a proud owner of ip4.. eerkkk… sorry, this is not a show off statement okay? I am just being honest, and lesson learned for me to be extra careful).
Thank you to Delinn, for organizing the last-minute gathering cum birthday celeb for our dear Arc. :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARC!
Fortunately most of us are on twitter so we managed to catch up on each other through it. It’s a good thing.. at least when you meet, you have familiar  issues to talk about, rather than have to ask what are their current happenings .. go twitter! If you are still not having one, go get it, and follow me! Haha!
Arc, Delinn, Yam, Angah, CL, Wan, Kong, Deo, Razi and Joe were there. Good to see everyone were …

Beautiful Sunday :-)

Phewww! As I mentioned in my previous post.. I was so looking forward to ‘something’ to happen on last Sunday..
My husband laughed when I told him I wanted to take basic make-up class.. Not that he discourage me, but from the sewing class I took last year.. He said he is not sure if this class can really benefit me.. ekeke ok maybe he was right .. but he didn’t stop me though … which am glad! :-) I am glad that he allowed me to spend a day with my girlfriends and he will take care of our kids .. I am touched!
Like other events with the girls, this one too started from email discussion, or we call it daily spam-in-office-hour-to-have-some-time-off-and-tense-release.
From spam discussions we made it into a real event. As we like to see those beautiful faces, we asked ourselves why not taking a class where we can get something from it, learning something and at the same time having fun?! It is indeed a great way of hanging out with friends other than food hunting, rite? Or can I s…

Friendly Lunch :-)

And .... It's Friday again! :-)
I kinda enjoyed this week. Not so busy not so relax .. I managed to get up quite early every morning,early enough to get everything prepared before Fahren woke up at 6. and because of that, i was able to start early to work, and reached office by or before 9. for record, for the last couple of months, my check in time mostly at 10am. So starting this week no more 10AM. Good achievement so far in April it seems. Hoping to maintain this for the whole month :-). At least for my own satisfaction.. getting better in time management. :-) bravo!
project team is sizing down .. as we are approaching project completion, most subcontractors are released from the team.  Kinda sad to see people leaving .. but that's normal anyway. am pretty sure we'll bump into each other again this is a small business world. Development works have completed (do i make it sound like we are in building construction? ekekek... its actually BI portal development--…

The boy is mine :-)

Hi peeps! 
I have never had a fever that caused a 3 days sick leave. Not until last week. I had to revisit the doctor asking for different medicines. Alhamdulillah, today am feeling much better
My kids were sweet and loving to me when I was sick--ok, they are sweet all the time not only when am sick, hahaha!. As I couldn’t take care of them, my kids were still sent to the babysitter during daytime. Honestly I felt guilty to do that, but it was hubby who decided. He said when you should rest, you rest. Like a veto gitu kan.. So I was supposed to rest but hubby caught me tweeting so he took the phone away and forced me to sleep.
And in the evening when the kids got home, Idlan came running to me and asked, “mak dah sihat…?” with the cutest voice that melted a mother’s heart. He is a pre-schooler now, and he is our ‘TV’ with his acts and words that always make us laugh.
His observations to things around him are very good. When I ate fruits, he said to me, “mak, makan la banyak2 buah tembik…

Mondays are not always blues :-)

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was fine. Spent Saturday morning watching my 3 beautiful children playing together (not really 100% watching as I was running here and there doing some chores). Later in the afternoon we went to Tesco, our so called favourite weekend getaway.. :-) ekekeke

Sunday was fine too. We Spent at MIL’s place. I was glued to Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl. Once started, couldn’t stop. Keep on reading til very late at nite.. well actually it was today at 3am when I finally finished all chapters. Nice story.. sweet one and as usual, funny~

~and now Iam feeling sleeeeeepy ZZZZzzzz~

I have to write about this. I got my confirmation letter and its effective today. Alhamdulillah :-) The thing is, our financial  year was from Apr to March, so they will only have KPI review to permanent staff confirmed before or on 31st march. So technically i am not included. Too bad, isn’t it? I was just  4 days behind. What a shame~

But I suppose not everything should follow the …

positive tones

April is here :-)

Hopefully April will be as interesting as March, or better! Eh, it looks like am back to track here .. got to write something here almost in daily basis... yeyeh!

No big plan yet so far for April but I can see some interesting events ... hmmm hope everything will goes well, amin.


Actually the first interesting thing happening in April is today. :-) *grin
Alhamdulillah.. I have completed my 6-months-probation period in my current job. It's a happy news of course, but at the same time, it means more notice period for me in case i want to resign--hmm why am i thinking of that? .. well, as i said, just in case... huhuhu!

well, no increment though, but it doesnt mean i can't be happy about it rite? so, what about a self-reward then? hehehe.. why not kan??? Now, really look forward for weekend and syukur lah tomorrow is Saturday. yey!

ok, so let us all hoping (praying) for everything to be fine and smooth for everyone in April, and the months after!
So please…