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1001 malam

few things to note down ~

~ on health and morning sickness :: thank God am getting better and the 1st trimester sickness is slowly going away

~ on weekend :: Had a great weekend, of course with a great health .. the whole saturday we were out to shopping areas. started with the warehouse sale in Shah Alam which i found not really interesting. I ended with a plastic bag with only kids wear in it. The rest just didnt catch my eyes. When we left the place around 12 noon, more crowds are coming in. good tht we finished so thr's no need to bersesak2 dlm tuh.

MIL wanted to look at curtains so i thought maybe its good to go to Jln. TAR .. its Saturday by the way. Sure ramai but well .. when there's a will, there's a way! hahaha boleh gitu?? Alang2 sihat and ada mood, teruskan ajelah kan ..

We had our lunch at Jln. Bellamy for the famous Ikan bakar in town. It was great lunch coz both MIL and FIL like the food so much! esp. ikan terubok .. same taste as mine but not hubby tho.

Made …


..and monday comes again.

Nothing much happened on weekend, just resting at home. Lately or should I say this pregnancy is bit different. Am not really like to go out and actually, i feel bit weak through out the day. Asyik nak melepek jek ... hopefully just for this 1st trimester coz i cant imagine if this happen the whole pregnancy .. haruslah hubby gembira tak terperi .. aku la plak rasa tak best .. coz in my head mmg lot of plan but badan tak daya .. huhuhu ..

Now I tak berani to promise anyone kalau ada yang menjemput to their house for party or kenduri ... Like last week, I felt bad coz we couldnt make it to majlis Akikah Baby Hayl (zatil& Ayoi) .. even tho we have told them we are coming but when the day comes, aku tak larat sangat .. Sorry yer Zatil .. Insya Allah nanti bila2 keadaan mengizinkan aku tgk baby ehh ..

Then Maza invited us to Efan's 4th bday last Saturday .. This time I didnt say yes .. and as expected, mmg the whole saturday i was at home .. plus hubby had t…

Jom Beramal and having fun!

u ols!

Geng Taggers Joeperantau dah merancang wat program Sehari bersama anak2 yatim ... aktiviti mcm bergotong royong, berbuka puasa dan aktiviti2 lain sambil menderma ngan anak2 yatim darul Izzah kat Bangi ... buat on 12 sep 2009 dari pagi sampai le ke malam (including terawikh) ...

kalau u ols verminat nak tau, sila la visit

blog member2 aku orang2 yg gigih berusaha tuh (semoga mendapat berkat hasil kebaikan u ols!, amin) ... dah berbulan rasanya dorang plan pasal program nih ... sorry banget aku tak berkesempatan nak join the diskussi ye u ols! so aku pon amik kesempatan nak promot kat blog .. kalau nak join bukak puasa sambil menderma, fees RM70/pax ... hmmm aku tak pernah join dorang discuss camner dorang derived rm70 tu ... (maklum ler opiss kang dah x boleh nak chatting mahupun bloghopping), but knowing them very wel, aku tau sure ada sebab musabab dan sure berpat…

love 'em so!

we had our kenduri arwah last 2 week at mak's house in bp. Its an annual event that normally takes place couple of months before fasting. Usually in Rejab.

We left klang around 9pm and before reaching Setia Alam tol, suddenly hubby asked me, "dah swith off ekon lom tadi?" I thought he was kidding but i was wrong. hmmmmp he forgot and me also forgot .. had to turn back .. half an hour wasted.

we stopped at R&R Dengkil, to hv our late dinner. we ordered satay kajang like 30 cucuk wahahaha! lama siot tak mkn satay kajang ... but after 20 cucuk everyone dah surrender .. hohoho! so packed and tapau.

I was sleeping almost the whole journey. Woke up at Ayer Hitam Toll then again lena .. lately susahnyer nak bukak mata dalam kereta! cian hubby ... sometimes I heard he sang loudly to kill the bored i guess ... but my eyes too heavy to open .. Lucky he understood .. or was it because with me sleeping, he has license to speed?? oh no!!

The best thing about balik kampung is when u …

great time but something is bothering

it's almost 2 am in the early morning and for some reasons my eyes are still wide awake. .. tried few times closing my eyes but i just cant dozed off! Should I stay awake until morning and go to work? hmmmph we'll see. Something is bothering me and hate the fact tht I cant share it here.

anyway.. put tht aside,

we had our regular monthly dinner (we the hot GLC gals!) .. this time we opt for thai food instead of western. It was at thahara restaurant, somewhere in pandan area. dont ask me direction coz i am surely failed to describe. Lucky today I came with Mas, D and Sol or else i wud hv been the last person reached there .. but we started bit late from PNB and Mauze was already waiting .. huhuhu! couldnt believe that ! ekekek!

Tomyam was delicious ... and sotong goreng tepung were in L size so I was definitely puas after taking 2 pieces. Udang pedas was not pedas at all but more to the taste of curry, ayam paprik was just ok ... omelette tasted like omelette :-) and sambal bela…