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Ini adalah tentang 'Tentang Dhia'

it's 2.59 in the morning now ..and i just finished watching Tentang Dhia.. ekeke.. watched it at Tonton, as usual.. i watched 2 episodes in a row .. selalunya i'll wait for weekend to watched the whole week's episodes, back to back sampai pening.. tp sbb ptg tadi was the final episode,  kugagahkan jugak on laptop malam2 buta lps anak2 dah tido ..

Tentang Dhia ni, slot apa eh? Akasia eh? slot yg mmg aku tak follow.. not because aku tak suka, cuma timing dia tuh yg tak berapa nk kasik laluan kat aku yg sering bermaghrib dijalanan ...

Aku ingat, before Tentang Dhia, it was Nora Elena kan? yg tu pon kemain hotstuff like eveyone were talking/twitting/FBing about it.. tapi aku tak tgk pun.. i tried to catch up tp tak begitu boleh tangkap feeling plak.. ooopss.. sorry aku bukan nk review NE... hohoho!

then comes TD. memula aku noticed the new drama ni, from the gazette.. tapi my comment was, alah.. apa kes la drama melayu asyik2 la buat kat sawah bendang.. aku ckp gitu sbb aku mcm …

My Visit to JPO on Christmas

JPO, have u been there? i went last weekend, on christmas. Kuar dari umah mak kul 10 gitu.. 45 mins lps tu sampai kat Indahpura, Kulaijaya - nama kemain klasik! from far we could see the parking lots has been almost fully occupied! gila kan? not even 11.00 AM! but it was the right timing i guess... still got space to park without any hassle.. cuma tak dapat la nk park betul2 depan muka pintu.. :-)

dalam tu, as many of you mayeb has seen from other blogs... cam tu la.. malas nk explain.. when we reached there, tho org dh ramai, still comfortable to walk around... byk outlets yg baru je bukak so org lom ramai walaupun kat ground tu dah ramai..

outlet pertama aku tuju, ofcourse la Coach. had to wait like 5 minutes in the line outside the store before they allowed us in. limited ppl gitu dalam tu, which is good to offer comfort to the shoppers. memula masuk mcm rambang mata... mostly were items for women and small a section for men. yg aku memula tgk, kat rack yg tulis 50% lah.. there was …

Ombak Rindu the movie

I AM BACK!!! :p
Thanks to Diana. Reading her review on Ombak Rindu brings back my mood to blog! Good! I miss blogging but everytime i came to blogger to write, i stucked!

OK. Now. The review.

First time i heard about my favorite novel Ombak rindu will be in motion picture was somewhere last year, without knowing who's gonna play the hero, but i got excited anyway, and i started looking for more info in
the net, and later this year i got to know Aaron will be Hariz, and the heroin will be Maya Karin. I am 100%
agree with the hero, but Maya? hmmm..OK let me start this by reviewing the stars?

1. Aaron Aziz
He is the latest Malaysian's heartthrob in the film industry now i guess. we see him like everywhere, in dramas, in movies and i must mention in theatre too! great achivement huh for an outsider who mencarik makan kat sini? :-) No doubt he has the look, and look comes with talent as well. in Ombak rindu he was Hariz, son of a rich family who was also Son Of a B**** (haha!) befo…

Wordless Wednesday