Wednesday, 30 March 2011

At last, a vacation for us-even though a very short one!

The latest weekend (such words?), we went to Cherating. See I told you March is interesting right? Well, it is for me :-) . The last time we had a family vacation was like ages ago. i mean my family—me, hubby and kids—Yes we went to Cameron Highlands for a family gathering (family of my side), but that was a bigger family and that was in December last year, where we enjoyed very much but I didn’t get chance to blog about it.. But i did mention somewhere i had fun and can’t wait for the next one this December rite? So i guess i'll pass on that? :-)

The decision came almost impromptu. Hubby had to attend some meetings in Kemaman so he asked if i wanted to join — He knew he didnt hv to ask! — i was like, why not? .. i said yes right away! :-) It was quite a right time i guess after restless weekends with my bro in law wedding preparation and all.

So 3 days before the date finally i was busy checking for hotels. Ya Allah how I miss those days when i like to do that and actually had time for it! OK never mind, at least now i still have chance. I know i sound like is was a big deal. hey yes it was! even though just Kemaman, just locally, i was really excited about it! so it was a big deal i can say.

This is the first vacation after Fahren was born-so it's a big deal, isnt it?- and as far as i can recall, we didnt do much travelling (except for the monthly basis of going back to Johor which i thank God that my hometown in outside Selangor/KL) even before Fahren was born. Poor Idlan he didn't have much chance to travel (not yet), not like Lydia who at 2, has been to Sabah and Sarawak.(oopss all still locally..)

OK enough of ramblings. We checked in to Impiana Cherating resort. I wanted to have a nice hotel with stars (LOL) and with swimming pools my children have been asking for like everytime! most hotels are full, and it surprised me because school holidays had just over.. hmmm .. but when we got there, yup i can see why.. many companies were having functions. So that explained.

It was raining after we checked in and i felt frustrated. but it was not long.. after about 30 mins (and we used that time to laze around in the romantic nice superior deluxed seaview room-ok i dont know why i mention all these but well..just to share haha!) rain stopped and kids were all set for swimming. yeay! I didn't join them in the pool of course! It was fun to watch them having fun, and Lydia was excited to show us the techniques she learnt from the class. We send her to class for weekends. She is still not able to swim, but at least she floats and bubbles and brave enough to go into the water. improvement.

After Asar we left for Kerteh. Hubby's friend invited us for dinner and we happily accepted. I like their house. Old style but well maintained. A spacious single storey with unique design. It was a rented house, owned by Petronas which actually once belonged to Esso. Had a nice dinner and things talked. Thanks Hafizi and Amy. Will definitely go there again :-) and on way back to hotel, I pictured myself living there, as a stay-at-home mom, yeah rite!

Despite the romantic room, i couldn't sleep well that night. The sea was very close to us it made me worried the whole night. and the sound of strong waves made me stayed the whole night reading 'Big Girl' (citer pasai pompuan gumuks yg byk kali plan nak diet tak pernahnya jadik--sounds like me eh? haha!)

The next day was the meeting day. but before that, it was the day where my face was on paper! haha! I was not expecting but when i saw The Star in front of our room, suddenly i remembered being interviewed, and yes, it was there! haha!. We checked  out and went back to Kemaman. After meeting, we had our favorite Satar at Kuala Kemaman and that really made my day! .. perghh terbaaakkkk!! we never missed going there for Satar! i mean Kuala Kemaman. but we tried different stalls each time.

We left at about 4 after some kepok shopping, and reached home safely at about 8.

OK dah habis! Jom tgk gambo! didnt bring camera so just using phone... plus the lomolomo... ntah apa2... layan je lah ok... huhuu

at the lobby

opss... poyonyer!

was trying the lomolomo ekekeek



Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rizqisya Amani

We have a new member in family, my sister's new baby girl. Welcome to the world baby Rizqisya Amani. Aqiqah was held at my mother's place (Johor) for Qisya. Hopefully she grown up to be a good muslimah... amin..

We had nasi briyani gam for the event. I was very excited for the event because it was held in my kampung, so it was the best time to meet 'orang kampung' . It was good to see old faces. Even though 'balik kampung' has become my monthly event, but we didnt get chance to meet old friends every time .. normally we just go  to mother's house and that was it.

OK here pics of Qisya ... more photos were taken but they are in camera and am lazy to upload (forgot where is my camera--heh!)

Qisya - she makes me want to have another baby - a girl.
this is supposed to be a Bunga telur, but it has become bunga bear-coklat. My sister made this herself

Some of the goodies for the guess

Thursday, 17 March 2011

March is Interesting

ok before i know, now we're already in the middle of March, so lets live in the present! :-)

March is great, except on the shocking news when japan got hit by tsunami last friday, not long after New Zealand. This really scares me. (and i believe, all of us) - Up till now, i am still avoiding myself from watching the video of the tidal waves that took many lives. My prayers go to the victim, and their family.

First, about my work.. March is the month where we successfully delivered the 1st phase of our project. It is not a very big preject and its not the biggest milestone of the project timeline.. but I still exciting about it. Now that gave me motivation to work harder to achieve the other milestone, which scheduled on June, which is my another romantic month. :-)

 View of the messy project room. In working hours, the room is cramp with around 9 guys and only me is the lady in the room. Pity them for having only not-so-young-and-not-hotchic-and-not-single lady in the team :-)

Then, put work related things aside ... On the same day of the disaster, I was busy with final preparation of my bro in law wedding reception at mil's place in Klang. Despite the bad news on Japan, the house was happening with relatives and neighbors gathered for 'rewang' or 'kendarat' whichever they call it for a session of working together for the event.

Alhamdulillah, the event went great. I am happy for the newly wed. I ordered for them below cake for the cake cutting on the day. Pic below i took from the the place where i bought it. It's delicious

OK since the letters on the cake were 'H' and 'F' .. So I made a lame joke to my bro in law. I told him, I ordered the cake for them to cut ..but the cake was meant for me. It's supposed to be "Hamid" and "Fara" instead of "Hairun & Fadha". Now please laugh to my joke. :-D

To them, May Allah bless their marriage with as many childrens as they want! :-)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's March, but I am writing about February

February has passed? oh. I always love february so i thought of having more entry on february.. hehehe .. but its March now .. never mind lah... i'll just write why i love February. I love February because i think its a romantic month for me. Well nothing to do with Valentines wat so ever ok? never care about it pun! .. i think feb is a romantic month, other than June and November. ekekek! Maybe because February starts with 'F' and so is my name huhuhu ... and June is my birth month and my wedding month so its romantic too .. and November because i like the name .. heheh!

February was the month where me any hubby finally broke the silence between us. after knowing each other from high school, we continued being friends with something undisclosed. It was in February 1999 when he finally had courage and made a move to tell me that we are not meant to be just friend, but to be soulmate too. He loved me, and still loves me. no doubt, me too.

He remembers February more than June. Seriously. He surprises me with presents in February, not in June. (ok. maybe now its not a surprise anymore because i can smell it .. huhu but still he likes to give things in Feb). And in response to his presents and surprises in feb, i too had gave him the biggest present arrived in 3 years ago in Feb, that is our 1st son, Idlan. kehkehkeh! ...

thats all i want to say here. I am writing just to let him know that I appreciate his thought. I dont have any issues about guys not remember dates .. because i am not that type too. I forgot many times on some important dates like license expiry date, like friends' bday, like my children's clinic appointments.. most of the time, he reminded me.

Its not June yet for our 8th anniversary, but hey..y wait till that time when i want to say in now,... and i can do it now (before i forget?).

i am not a small kid nor a teenager. my words may not be cute, or may not be touching.. but i am grateful to have this person as my soulmate. his strenghts or his weaknesses .. are all for me to rejoice..

love him.

may Allah gave us strengh to bring our family together under his blessings...amin..

Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Short Update

whoopss! gumuks nya i ols! (selama ni kurus ke?)

Whenever we hv time, we'll set time to meet and catch for new gossips. This time we had good lunch at Manhattan Fish Market Ampang Park. lunch was on Ellyn for her new job. Thanks Ellyn.. then i realized i dont hv many things to be updated :-) so jadik pendengar setia jek..

unfortunately Mus didnt hv much time to stay long and Mauze couldnt came early either, so Mus left few mins after Mauze arrived.. 3 of us stayed for about another half on ahour before made our move. thanks mauze for the detour to my offc in dayabumi...and i hope she can update her blog as i constantly remind her to (and as she constantly ignored)..

hmm seems like i dont hv update here in my blog as well. well i've been bz with new job my self. ok Not really new as it has been almost 5 months since i moved here. How time flies... Things are fine so far.. i can say i hv adjusted to the new place (which basically not much different from the previous one). I am still not making many new friends, and to be frank, am fine with that. i am not into making new friends anymore.. i mean i know i will get new friends along the way, but they normally happened because of work. in my age now i think making new friends is not the main agenda (but of course still grateful am still getting new friends..).. as new friends become less, current existing (i can't say old friends, can i?) friends are my treasure. They are very importsnt and you know who you are :-)

New job is good. Even though Hectic most of the time, still got free time amid the busy schedule (like, NOW). And i am content. The flexibility is what i like most. That is whhat i alwasy want and here i got it. Syukran Allah.I like this job which i think is a good sign. I like the job, and when I do, am not doing it just for the sake of doing so. kan? Ok thats about my job. I dont really like to explain further about what am doing here .. my jobscope is my business, and the only place i want to detail them out is in my appraisal form for my KPI hehehe!

Btw, on different note: whenever i said Alhamdulillah, or Syukran Allah, or any other sentences to show how grateful i am for the things He gave me, i actually feel guilty. Yes i do. I feel like i said it, but i didnt show it. I want to say it, but I dont want people who read this think that i waht to show that am a good person (what ppl think sometimes matters to me huhu) .. tidak, as much as i want to be a good servant to Him, actually my iman ni senipis kulit bawang yang paling nipis .. and i find it is very easy for me to get distracted .. hmm ok apa aku melalut ni? ok forget it.. Everyday im hoping for improvement even its very very hard ...insya Allah ....

Ok, So until later yeah!

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