Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My three year old, ninth month

Your three year old, ninth month

Puzzle time
Preschoolers love to do jigsaw puzzles and take great pride in putting all the pieces in their place. Give them plenty to work with. When they do a puzzle, they develop skills necessary for learning (shape identification, image matching), writing (using their fingers and wrists) and solving special problems (where does this one go? What is this picture going to be?).

Itu adalah dipetik dari babycentre, utk Idlan. 

hmmmm... yg bawah ni plak, actual about Idlan

- Suka main ultraman (suka mematah2 kan bahagian badan ultraman - maybe itu puzzle bagi dia)
- Suka menjerit2 dengan suara yg saaangat kuat bila excited bermain .. esp. main kejar2 dengan kakak and main gaduh2 ngan adik
- Suka layan kakak main 'mak mak' - dia jadik papa, kakak jadik mama, idlan jadik baby
- Suka sayang fahren esp. bila fahren tido. agenda utama dia, supaya fahren bangun and main ngan dia
- belum suka menulis/melukis, tapi suka melihat buku - paling suka, main suruh-suruh je kakak dia bacakan buku yg dia nak, bila kakak taknak, dia suruh mak
- suka bercerita/mengadu pasal hal2 yg berlaku antara dia dan kawan2 kat nursery
- lembut hati
- body dia tough habis! susah sgt nak control dia kalau dia keraskan badan dia

Monday, 3 October 2011

Rezeki di Hujung Syawal :-)

Happy Monday uols! My weekend was great, we went back to my hometown ... memula we planned to spend the weekend at some resorts tapi last2 I think the only place I can really chillax is at my own hometown, Batu Pahat .. :p

By the way ... my husband's outstation to Bangkok was only 5 days, and he came back last Wednesday... Alhamdulillah ..

Some suprises from him ...

I like the bottle cap's design, with gem on it ... and the smell is good as well ..

simple, tapi i seriously love ittt!!!!!!

and ... it didnt end there ...

surprise from me! :-)

Alhamdulillah ....

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