Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Gambang Resort - photos

phewww... not sure if i can put is as one of the morning sickness effect, but i feel sooooo lazy to blog once i know i am pregnant. i came to blogger like everyday, hoping to write down at least a line but ended up looking at it and thats it.

hmm.. ok. yes. i am pregnant. the 4th one. Alhamdulillah. i guess its about time .. Fahren will be 2 next year, and he has start talking .. and my hub always telling me that fahren is as talkative as her sister. I guess he is right. well.. like mom like son? ekekeke... so, yup. i am, i mean we in the family, are ready for a new family member .. yeay! :-)

oh so for the update, let me just share some photos of us at Gambang Resort Kuantan. We went there on 14/15 Oct 2011 with my mom and dad in law. it was great. the place is still under construction but the kids were really had fun playing with water.

fahren and mak :-) Fahren masa ni masih takut2 lagi

see abang Lan is soooo happy surrounded by girlsss! amboiii... anak2 dara ni suka nyakat dia sbb dia malu2 kucen tapi nak jugak dekat2 .. pastu dah OK dorang suka plak tgk dimple abangLan...

i guess Lydia paling enjoy sbb dia leg pegi tgh2 main ombak ngan bapak or atuk

fahren memula takut tapi lama2 dia pon takmo naik

the view of the waterpark from outside and also the apartment

group foto - without me

group foto - without him .. ekekkee

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