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Gambang Resort - photos

phewww... not sure if i can put is as one of the morning sickness effect, but i feel sooooo lazy to blog once i know i am pregnant. i came to blogger like everyday, hoping to write down at least a line but ended up looking at it and thats it.

hmm.. ok. yes. i am pregnant. the 4th one. Alhamdulillah. i guess its about time .. Fahren will be 2 next year, and he has start talking .. and my hub always telling me that fahren is as talkative as her sister. I guess he is right. well.. like mom like son? ekekeke... so, yup. i am, i mean we in the family, are ready for a new family member .. yeay! :-)

oh so for the update, let me just share some photos of us at Gambang Resort Kuantan. We went there on 14/15 Oct 2011 with my mom and dad in law. it was great. the place is still under construction but the kids were really had fun playing with water.